The best way to contact me is by email at hello@deyan.co.
A few notes and tips about reaching out:
  • You do not need to be networked with me to reach out. I enjoy meeting new people and I’m a big believer in helping outsiders and strangers.
  • That being said, reaching out via my network shows initiative, develops your sales skills, and helps you stand out. So I believe it’s a good use of your time that will help you get in touch with me as well as serve you well in life!
  • I receive a large number of emails so it pays off to keep yours succinct, direct, and simple.
  • I try hard to reply to every legitimate email, especially if I think I can make a difference. Life can get in the way though and occasionally things slip through the cracks. I appreciate your understanding when that happens.
  • People often feel obliged to first request a meeting instead of asking for what they really want. Synchronous time is very limited and precious so I’d like to encourage everyone to just ask directly. If I’m in a position to help I’d be delighted to do so.
You can also follow me on the following social media (I rarely communicate there):